Tags Report

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Upload the HTM/HTML file from which to make the tags statistic report.

What this tool does?

The main function of this tool is to determine if there are odd HTML tags in a file, which would mean that some tags where not properly closed.

This tool also generates a statistical report on the use of HTML tags.

  • The labels are automatically detected by means of regular expressions.
  • Self closing tags are excluded from the alert.

Report columns

  • The found tag name
  • Number of opening tags, ex.: <a href="...">, <br />, <img src="..." />, etc.
  • Number of closing tags, ex.: </a>, </tr>, etc.
  • The porcentage of ocurrence of this tag aginst the most used tag.

Self closing tags

List of all valid HTML void-elements that are excluded from the alert report.

  • area
  • base
  • br
  • col
  • command
  • embed
  • hr
  • img
  • input
  • keygen
  • link
  • meta
  • param
  • source
  • track
  • wbr

Tip: Compile multiple files in a single big one

In order make a quick validation on multiple files you can compile all the individual files in a single one and upload that file to the tool.

  • Pros: You can quickly validate a large number of files in a single report.
  • Cons: You will not know in which file is the specific missing tag.
  1. Open a CLI windows on the parent folder containing all the files to compile.
  2. Run this command:
    $ copy *.htm compiled_list.txt
  3. All the files with HTM extension will be compiled inside the new file compiled_list.txt.
  4. Upload compiled_list.txt file to the tool.
  5. Done!