Minimizer tool

HTML minification tool.

Use the Direct Input to minimize a string of code.
Or use the Batch option to upload and minimize multiple files.

Compression: 0%


Upload a single .zip file with up to 100 .html files inside.

Valid files:

  • .tar files exported by Responsys
  • .zip files with .htm or .html files inside.

What this tool does?

  1. Compress all HTML code in a single line.
  2. Removes all tab characters.
  3. Remove all HTML comments and content, with some exceptions:
    • RSYS function inside comments.
    • IE conditional comment.
    • Special comment, starting with two asteriscs.
      Ex.:<!--** Keep this comment! -->
    • Empty comments, since they are used to target Outlook.
      Ex.:<!-- -->
  4. Remove white spaces before and after the folowing tags: <html>, <body>, <head>, <meta>, <style>, <table>, <tr>, and <td>.
  5. Removes spaces between attributes in the tags, except in the <img> tag (RSYS breaks image attribute src there is no spaces before or after it).
  6. Convert multiple consecutive white spaces into a single white space.